Fem Adagio

March 18, 2010
Fem Adagio

Fem Adagio

Being bisexual and so open minded means that I can enjoy most genres of porn including girl on girl which I hadn’t indulged in for a while so I asked for this Ninn Workx production to be sent over to me for review.

I found the scenes, production quality and lighting excellent and the girls were all delicious which is rare, you usually find just like buying a DVD that there is one track which you don’t particularly like.  Not so in the Ninn’s choice of girls, they are all attractive and very willing to tease and please.

Don’t expect to see any men featured on this DVD though, as the cover says “Fem Adagio is the slow tempo of passion which builds in the love between women Fem is the rhythm of women”.

It was refreshing to see dildos being used in this production, so often they are licked and sucked and then put to one side in hetrosexual porn.  In Fem Adagio they are used to their full potential to give pleasure.

All the scenes have a similar format starting with solo play, each girl playing with herself for a while before coming together with one or more partners for the main scene.

The first scene is my favourite for a number of reasons.  Mainly because it is the most convincing girl on girl scene, the girls seem to really get in to the action and enjoy pleasuring each other.  The voyeur is led to believe that the girls could be a genuine couple off set.  Well, I can dream.  ;) And the final scene involving a stap-on is simply hot and worth the wait.  I thought the DVD got off to a great start and was eager to see more.

Scene two has two girls individually doing a little private dancing for the audience which I found very arousing set to the fast paced sound track.  The dancing finally comes to an end and they get it on with a glass dildo.  Unfortunately for me this was where things started to go wrong.  The girl with the toy didn’t seem to have a clue how to use it on her willing partner and the gesticulation and pouting to the camera was rather off putting.

Scene three was beautifully produced featuring a gorgeous blonde girl dancing around the room dreamily in a diaphanous skirt.  The intercutting of two other girls enjoying her and each other worked really nicely and eased the action in to the final trio of girls on the bed.  A wonderful scenario which again disappointed and started to grate after a few minutes.  Again too much looking at the camera and concentrating on pulling faces rather than getting down and dirty with your girlfriends.

I still held hope there was time to redeem this DVD with scene four beginning with a girl dressed in a beautiful black gown and the other in a man’s suit complete with tie. Uhmm, I thought this could be a little kinky.  It wasn’t to be and we had more of the same uninspired copulation.  The faultless production quality of Fem Adagio didn’t redeem the constant gurning to camera and looking at the screen which failed to do it for me.

Could scene five be the one.  Two girls out on a veranda perched rather precariously on a stone wall whilst being fucked with a metal dildo just didn’t work either.  The whole thing looked very uncomfortable and unconvincing.

I really do feel let down by this DVD, in many ways, they have missed so many opportunities to make a fantastic girl on girl DVD.  If the girls hadn’t been instructed to over act each scene and been give the chance to take on a more natural role it would have been so much more arousing, almost perfect.  I also feel that the perfect opportunity to use a double dildo was overlooked, if you can’t use it in any of these scenes then where could you use it?  An opportunity missed.

All that said, I did enjoy the girls and the high production value of this DVD it’s just a shame they tried to make it too much like heterosexual porn.

Featuring Angel Cassidy, Monique Alexander, Dee Isabella, Kenzie Ryan, Erica Vachs, Sasha, Vera Adjani, Sharon Haven, Nadia Bodor