Peyronies Disease

Peyronies Disease

Whilst watching a porn DVD this afternoon I noticed the male star had a distinct curvature to his cock.  This resulted in it curving up towards his body and falling towards his left hip rather than bouncing around in front of him.

It’s perfectly normal and common place for a guy’s cock to have a slight curvature so guys don’t panic but this was more akin to a banana.  I’ve heard that porn stars often break their cocks as a result of slipping out of their female counterparts and making contact with something firm, resulting in a breakage

I assume that the guy’s unusually shaped cock was the result of just such an accident.  Having an inquisitive mind I decided to research this and came across some interesting information.  Mr porn star could not only have broken his dinkle but he could also be suffering from a condition known as Peyronie’s Disease.

As I mentioned earlier there is no need for concern if you have a slight bend in your cock but if you find that sexual activity is impaired or causes discomfort you may have the condition.

Peyronie’s Disease induces scar tissue which may be felt as a lump, to develop along the length of your penis.  Often guys worry that they may be suffering from cancer of the penis shaft but incidence of this is rare and Peyronie’s Disease is more commonly the reason for the lumps.

The medical profession don’t know exactly how men acquire the condition but offer several factors for consideration:

Penis fracture or severe bending due to injury.

  • Diabetes, this is quite common in men with the disease and therefore could be a factor in its development
  • Genetics, Peyronie’s can run in families.
  • Circulatory disorders such as high blood pressure or hardening of the arteries.

Some men live with Peyronie’s Disease, continue to have an active sex life and do not require treatment for the condition but should you find the condition debilitating or painful there are options.

There are many reliable online resources for information on Peyronie’s Disease but these are two sites I found giving good information and further links.

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